We offer a variety of training courses for training professionals of many types.
Workshops for Parents, Childcare Workers & Teachers
Common Sense Parenting:
Empowering families and strengthening society through courses to help parents communicate and build relationships with their children.

“De-Coding Sexual Con Games:”
Helping Children Recognize & Protect Themselves from Sexual Harassment and Abuse
– To teach children how to set appropriate healthy personal boundaries: to teach them to recognize “con language,” to teach them how to identify emotional grooming tactics and to teach them healthy ways to express feelings.
– To teach participants how to recognize the signs of abuse, teach them the difference between inappropriate and appropriate sexual behaviour and to help them understand the reasons why children don’t disclose. This empowers the participant to respond to disclosure appropriately.
In spite of parents’ best efforts to educate and protect their children and identify sexual abuse behaviour, sexual abuse can happen. This workshop is to help all those who care for children and care about children to be able to prevent the next incident from occurring.
Workshops for Teachers & Educators
Success Strategies for Teachers and Educators:
The purpose of this seminar is to provide a unique focus on what transpires in the classroom and school community. The focus is on issues such as organization, discipline and behaviour management and many other skills for both teacher and student growth.
Workshops for Professional Counselors
Art Therapy:
Geared toward professional providers of mental and behavioural health services. This session explores how the art product is used in the therapeutic process.
Trauma Counseling:
Helping those who help children and adults affected by past traumatic experiences.
Turning the Water into Wine:
This seminar is geared toward refocusing group leaders on the purpose of their ministry, inspire them to keep the flame alive, and to ignite the same in others. Participants will be trained in techniques of leadership, managing group dynamics and event planning.



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