One-Day Seminars

One-Day Seminars

One-day seminars are offered on-site or off-site and can be custom designed to meet your needs.


One-Day Seminars for Singles, Couples & Families
A one-day retreat begins at 9:00am and ends at 3:00pm.
Marriage and Mid-Life Challenges:
Find out when mid-life challenges hit both male and female. Learn to manage the risk and opportunities that mid-life offers.
Making and Maintaining Relationships:
This seminar is about self-disclosure, intimacy, relational hurt, forgiveness and celebrating love.
Mid-Life and Parenting Teenagers:
Education for parents who are struggling to navigate crossing two currents simultaneously. Parents helping their teens to cross the current into adolescence, while at the same time entering/approaching their own mid-life change.
Restoring Family Values:
This seminar will teach ways to strengthen the family. At the end of this seminar, families will be able to define values, clarify their particular family values and identify positive and negative behaviors that are necessary to have or avoid in order to live these values. It also addresses practical ways to communicate these values to children of different ages/stages of growth.
Forming Lasting Relationships:
A one-day communication seminar for single adults using the “five love languages,” discerning if one is really in love, identifying the difference between love and infatuation, understanding the emotion network for managing conflict.
Befriending Your Anger:
This seminar will examine the physiological, psychological and behavioral aspects of anger. It will empower participants to manage their anger by teaching to identify the causes of anger, change anger-provoking thoughts, stop blaming and illustrate the power of regulating abusive impulses. It will teach ways to express anger in healthy and productive ways.
Enhancing Couples’ Communication:
This workshop explores ways of listening more intimately, lessening stress in the relationship and building trust. It also addresses sexual communication.
Prayer and Our Bodies:
Focusing on the relationship between prayer and our bodies, this seminar will explore techniques that enhance the practice of mindfulness and stillness and present body-mind meditation styles that will enable participants to get in touch with their bodies and its vital rhythm. In addition to other benefits like becoming calm, relaxed and centered, healing touch will allow you to experience your own life energy in renewing ways.
Finding Hope in Mary: Reflections on our Lady of Sorrows:
This seminar will examine the seven sorrows of Mary and help participants to relate Mary’s sorrows to their own suffering. It will also create a forum where prayer and reflection can lead to deeper faith, increased courage, comfort and strength.
Conflict Management:
This seminar will introduce participants to the principles of conflict management and enable them to appropriate and practice a variety of conflict management skills as they strive to manage conflict more effectively in their lives.
Family of Origin:
This seminar will explore the functional and dysfunctional dimensions of family systems. Participants will have the opportunity to examine their own family of origin story, in both its strengths and weaknesses, and its continuing influence in their lives. They will also learn to accept with gentleness and compassion the weaknesses and strengths of their own family.
Praying with Poetry and Art:
This workshop will explore the power of the verbal (and visual) icon as a vehicle for spiritual transport, renewal and healing. Participants will learn and experience the role of the imagination and the poetic word in opening the heart and mind to the presence of God in and around themselves.
Women in Scriptures (Old Testament):
This seminar will serve to highlight the lives of some of the women in the Old Testament and provide an opportunity for participants to identify with and learn from these women. It will also inform and deepen the religious faith of participants where appropriate.
Women in Scriptures (New Testament):
This seminar will serve to highlight the lives of some of the women in the New Testament, particularly in the Gospels. It will serve to inform and deepen the religious faith of participants while providing an opportunity for participants to identify with and learn from these women.
Healing the Father Wound:
The father-son relationship has a powerful ability on a child’s ability to achieve and to love as an adult. This seminar takes you through a step-by-step process to heal your father-wound and will teach ways to release anger, unresolved longing and sadness. You will acquire the tools that your father should have given you such as personal autonomy and healthy boundaries. You will also be empowered to reclaim personal self esteem and create positive changes in your intimate relationships.
Healing Your Grief: Moving Beyond Loss:
Why do people suffer? How do we explain pain, loss and suffering in the world if indeed there is a God of love and mercy? Loss seems to put our entire life into a tailspin. Whether you have lost a loved one, a relationship, a marriage, a job, your health or a sense of well-being, it hurts. This retreat/workshop will help to restore hope. It will explore the spiritual, psychological, physical and cognitive dimensions of loss and grief. It will offer you a caring space to share with others your pain or give you a supportive environment to be quiet, while you learn some helpful coping skills.
Understanding Your Sexual Self:
This seminar will enable participants to come to a better understanding of their own sexuality. It will explore psycho-sexual integration as a process rather than an entity. It will teach that sexuality involves the whole person and is not merely confined to sexual intercourse.
Conflict Resolution for Couples:
Conflict is an inevitable part of life. This possibility for conflict exists everywhere, within families, between couples, in the workplace, etc. Conflicts are more than just debates, disagreements or negotiations. They are pointers of everyday competitions arising from individual differences which strain personal and interpersonal tranquility, or both. This 3-hour seminar has a two-fold purpose. The first purpose is to examine several major sources of conflict: anger, mistrust, underlying unmet needs and the responsibility trap (too little or too much). In this seminar, you will learn to overcome conflicts through better communication. Finally, you will create a conflict style that will help you to better manage negative issues in your interpersonal relationships, thus, deescalating the potential for unmanageable conflicts.



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