Programmes at the Franciscan Institute


Our programmes are developed with a holistic approach that combines therapeutic, psycho-educational and spiritual techniques to strengthen the body, mind and spirit. Our integrated methodology focuses on teaching as a preventive measure and healing as a corrective measure. This combination of theory, quality content and skills results in internalized learning.


At the Franciscan Institute, we offer programs on-site or off-site: we will come to your organization, school or parish and conduct any of our workshops. This saves you time and money because it is on-site and allows your entire organization to participate without extra travel or other inconveniences.

We can also work with you collaboratively to develop a programme or retreat designed specifically for your needs that will help you create solutions.

>>Please see the following links for full details about each course:
Themes of programmes include:
– Nonviolence
– Developmental & Growth Issues
– Self Esteem & Self Management
– Transition & Life Changes
– Relationship Enhancement
– Emotional & Affective Development
– Anger Management
– Conflict Management
– Leadership Training
The issues addressed in our programmes include:
– Communication
– Sexuality
– Boundaries
– Interpersonal & Group Skills
– Healing Toxic Shame
– Trauma
– Loss & Grief
– Abuse
Courses offered:
– Nonviolence Programmes
– Celebrating the Family Workshop
– Family Healing Retreat
– Marriage & Mid-Life Challenges
– Making & Maintaining Relationships
– Mid-Life and Parenting Techniques
– Restoring Family Values
– Creating Memories Living by Values
– Forming Lasting Relationships
– Called to the Vocation of Family Life
– Family Communication: Road Map for Relationships
– De-coding Sexual Con Games
– Knowing When Your Child is Being Sexually Abused
– A Unique Family
– Find the Divine Religious Family Retreat
– Befriending Your Anger
– Success Strategies for Teachers and Educators
– Communicating with Children
– Prayer and Our Bodies
– Finding Hope in Mary: Reflections on our Lady of Sorrows
– Family of Origin
– Conflict Management
– Praying with Poetry and Art
– Women in Scriptures (Old Testament)
– Women in Scriptures (New Testament)
– Healing the Father Wound
– Healing Your Grief: Moving Beyond Loss
– Understanding Your Sexual Self
– Conflict Resolution for Couples
– Turning the Water into Wine
– Being Young and Being Wise
– T’ai Chi Chih
Contact Sister Julie Marie Peters at or call (868) 734-7620 to sign up for a progamme or develop a customized workshop.





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